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Our mission is to support our customers in digitisation with secure and reliable software. To this end, we create solutions for dealing with digital identities that every organisation can use and flexibly adapt.

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What do we actually do?
We are all about Keycloak and Identity
and Access Management (IAM).

What is IAM?

Keycloak is an open source tool that enables you to secure your web applications or services more easily. Because in times of GDPR and constant cyber attacks on the internet, security and data protection are the most important topics.
Because in times of GDPR and constant cyber attacks on the internet, security and data protection are the most important topics.
And this is exactly where Keycloak can provide good support. Because Keycloak protects your application from unauthorised access.

Only known and authenticated users are still allowed to access your application.
This way, your application no longer has to take care of user administration or request passwords.

Keycloak is the specialised service for user registration. When logging in, you want to know who is logging in by entering a user name or an e-mail address (identification of the user) and whether they are who they say they are (authentication of the user).
The user authenticates himself by entering, for example, a password or PIN. In the meantime, this also includes so-called two-factor procedures, which additionally check for another characteristic. This can be, for example, a certificate that is stored on a mobile phone or an USB flash drive.

You want to know more about Keycloak? Then take a look at our blog .

What does IAM mean?

Identity and access management is a term from information technology.
IAM regulates processes and applications that are used in organisations. For example, identity management, role management or access management. And this both internally, i.e. for the employees, and externally, i.e. for the customers. And it is precisely this data that must be centrally managed and administered. And as securely as possible.

The identity of a user (Identiy) and their access rights (Access) play a major role.
Because often you have different rights for each application, platform or system. So what am I allowed to do on this system, which functions can I use, which accesses do I have, which data can I view and so on.

As with Keycloak, the idea is that you have to authenticate yourself as a user (who am I) and that you are then authorised on the basis of the roles and rights you have been assigned (what am I allowed to do). And thus can use the corresponding systems.
But that is not everything. What happens when a user is no longer authorised or an employee leaves a company. This is called user life cycle. And this can also be mapped by an IAM system.

If, for example, an employee leaves a company, the IAM system ensures that he or she no longer has access after leaving. And this applies to all systems or applications that he or she has used.

If you want to learn more about our IAM system, take a look at Keycloak PLUS.

Your intension benefits

Feelgood mentality

An open culture is important to us.
We organise team events, have lunch together and treat each other with respect.

Your intension benefits

Helping to shape

We work and decie as a team, not just the bosses alone.
Employee participation and decision-making play an important role.

Your intension benefits

Flexible working time models

For a good work-life balance.
This includes a better balance between family, private life and work as well as more flexibility in everyday life.

Your intension benefits

Mobile working

Home office, remote work or office? You decide!

Your intension benefits


he health of our employees is very important to us.
We have height-adjustable desks, yoga as working time,
fresh fruit and private sports groups for bouldering or jogging.

Your intension benefits

Project diversity

Our clients come from a wide range of industries,
which makes our development exciting and varied.

Your intension benefits

Knowledge Sharing

Sharing knowledge means multiplying knowledge.
We create enough space and opportunities to share experiences with the team.

Your intension benefits

Individual further training

Java Forum Stuttgart, Eclipse Conference, blended learning courses or
networking events are standard for us.
Get the training you need. Learn how and where you want.

Your intension benefits


Only together are we strong. We are part of the ITsNET network and work
to make small and medium-sized enterprises more attractive.

We also work together on projects with our partners.

Your intension benefits

Modern working environment

You won’t find open-plan offices at intension.
We focus on a cosy working atmosphere in smaller offices.

Your intension benefits

Free space

We offer enough space to work undisturbed.
For example, in our open space with creativity board
or our living room with comfortable armchairs for a large group.

meet the team

Eric Hämmerle

Eric Hämmerle

Frontend expert

Felix GrĂĽb

Felix GrĂĽb

working student

Martin Schau

Managing Director


Christopher Hesse

Junior keycloak expert

Romain Grosjean

Keycloak + Login-Master expert


Wolf Sell

Software architect, personal guide A-Team, iDome expert

Janis Worbs

Jannis Worbs

Java Expert


Robert Bauer

Product Management


Lokesh Prakashkumar

Teamlead and keycloak expert


ĂśmmĂĽhan Ay

DHBW student


Mathias Baumert

IAM, Java expert


Daniel Wagner

Senior consultant

Kateryna Prib

Graphic design


Michael Prib

Teamlead, IAM, Java expert


Frithard Meyer zu Uptrup

Managing director, personal guide D-Team, IAM + SQL expert


Ingo Kuba

Keycloak expert

Swaranjali Kshatriya

On parental leave


Karthik Arunachalam

Keycloak expert


Jens Hammel

Keycloak expert

Alina Schlecht


Moitree Chowdhury

Keycloak expert

Waltraud Ehrmann

Keeps things tidy

Keshav Deshpande

Keycloak expert


Marc Wagner

DevOps expert

Franziska Clausen


Moritz Losert

dhbw student

Emil Schläger

dhbw student

career with intension
career with intension
career with intension
"Personally, I appreciate the flexibility in working hours at intension and the choice between home office or office. This way I can always reconcile work and family."

Senior Software Developer at intension

"Here at intension, I really learn what I need for a dual study programme in computer science. The tasks, from password hacking to creating a small banking application, offer a lot of variety. And if I ever need help, my colleagues are always willing to help me."

DHBW student at intension

"When I came back to Germany, intension welcomed me with open arms. Here I feel valued and have the opportunity to develop myself further."

Software developer at intension

"At intension, I appreciate the helpful nature and good communication. I have the opportunity to contribute and give feedback, which is accepted."

Software developer at intension

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